Drive Smart - Live Smarter

Start with an AI assistant, more green lights for faster commutes, crash detection, vehicle diagnostics / auto shop connect, cash rewards, plus a revolutionary new voice-activated and response interface with intelligent mapping, all in one. 

Navigate Life On and Off the Road.

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"Hey OBi" 

Discover a New Era of Driving with OBi

OBi isn't just another app - it's a revolution in how we interact with our environment, both on the road and at home. It's not about adding more technology to your life, but about simplifying and enhancing our everyday experiences. 

OBi is the future of smart travel, and it's here today.

Conquer Commutes with Green Light Optimization

Unleash smoother, faster commutes with OBi's Green Light Optimization. Experience less wait time at traffic lights, improved fuel efficiency, reduced wear and tear, and a seamless ride every time you hit the road.

Unlock the Mystery of the Check Engine Light! 

Keep your vehicle at its best with OBi's real-time diagnostics. Gain instant insights into your vehicle's health and ensure optimal performance every time you drive.

 Drive Confidently with OBi Connex!

Where real-time vehicle diagnostics meets direct-shop connections. 

With instant access to your vehicle alerts, your shop can advise on steps ranging from simple fixes like tightening a gas cap to taking urgent safety actions. And should repairs be needed, you can easily schedule an appointment.

Automatic Crash Response

Your Guardian On The Go. 

Get rapid emergency responses, 24/7 coverage, and precise location accuracy for complete peace of mind, every journey, every time.

Designed Travel with Vehicle-Specific Navigation

Let OBi lead the way with customized routing. Drive more safely and efficiently, avoiding road restrictions and enjoying tailored navigation suited to your vehicle and driving style.

Driver Data Analytics

OBi's Driver Data Analytics provide valuable insights into your driving performance, plus vehicle health monitoring, all to help make smarter and safer decisions.

Drive Smart, Earn Smarter with OBi's Driver Data Monetization

Share and earn with OBi! Anonymize your driving data and contribute to smarter transportation solutions, while earning you rewards. It's a win-win!

OBi Activation 

Two Simple Steps 

  1. Plug the OBi Device into the OBD II port under the dash
  2. Install the OBi App

Let It Connect and Enjoy The Ride!

Let's Create a Safer, Greener and Better World...

We can begin to transform the way we move, protect the environment, and safeguard ourselves and others.

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We're Launching Soon.